Submitting a Bug

When you submit a bug for Platypus, please include the following information if possible:

  1. The version numbers for Platypus, Greasemonkey, and Firefox.
  2. The URL of the web page you were modifying.
  3. The script you created. (Even if the problem is not related to scripting, please generate a script.)
  4. Any Platypus-related messages from the Javascript console. (Found under the Tools menu.) You can also turn on some verbose Platypus debugging information by opening "about:config" and setting "platypus.debug" to true. This will cause many messages about Platypus to be printed to the console.

Thanks for your help!

Known Bugs

  1. I hit Ctrl-S to save my script and nothing happens. -- This error usually indicates that you have an out-of-date version of Platypus and/or Greasemonkey.  Try reinstalling the latest versions of both and see if that fixes the problem.
  2. I can't install the Platypus script because there's no menu bar on the window that pops up! -- There is a known conflict between Platypus and Tabbrowser Extensions (TBE). Since TBE is "strongly unrecommended" your best solution may be to remove TBE and replace it with something like Tab Mix.
  3. The context (right-click) menu is messed up / Platypus doesn't work with RIP -- Platypus can collide with other extensions that change the context menu.  One extension that is known to do this is RIP.  In some cases you may be able to fix the problem by uninstalling and then re-installing one of the extensions.  Otherwise, there's no known fix at this time.
  4. My Platypus script doesn't always work -- This usually indicates that the structure of the web page you are modifying is changing, and consequently the Platypus script can't always find the right parts of the page to change.  If you open the Javascript Console (Tools > Javascript Console) you'll probably see messages indicating that Platypus couldn't find a page element.  There's no easy way to fix this problem.  Try to make your changes at the highest level possible on the page, because usually the overall structure of web pages doesn't change.  If that doesn't work, your only solution might be to write your own Greasemonkey script!
  5. Platypus doesn't work on frames -- Known bug.  (FIXED in 0.5)  


Latest bugs filed for platypus

Bug #Description
24393 Is not compatable Firefox 6.0.2
21961 not compatible with firefox 3.5.4
21566 3.7a1pre - version 0.81 does not work
19939 auto-repair is an important feature of platypus but does NOT work in v0.8
18748 View Source doesn't work with Firefox / View Source Chart
18633 Font Change
18407 do_modify_url_it does not seem to allow modification above the main HTML tag
18236 platypus-created scripts won't work on site reload - all sites
17917 Platypus breaks its own Greasemonkey scripts by appending // ==/UserScript==
17408 Platypus toolbar visibility is not synced to its status on Firefox tabs

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