Platypus Help

Platypus is a tool for modifying web pages and then saving those changes so that they'll be repeated the next time you visit the page.  Changes are made by selecting an element on the page and then hitting a key to use one of the commands below.  For example, if you hit "Ctl-X" you'll delete (cut) whatever element you've selected.

The easiest way to select an element is to point at it with your mouse cursor.  You'll see the element outlined in red.  You'll also see the type of element on your statusbar at the bottom of the browser.  (Due to a bug in Firefox, some elements -- such as tables -- do not show an outline.  This will be fixed in an upcoming release of Firefox.  Although the highlight doesn't show, the elements are still selected.)  You can also navigate through the page using the arrow keys.

To save your changes so that they'll be applied the next time you visit the same web page, hit Save (Ctl-S).  This will bring up a window containing a GreaseMonkey script.  Install this script and you're done!

Navigation Commands

  Mouse Use the mouse for most navigation; simply point at an element. Q Quit Quit (that is, stop selecting elements), until you restart from the menu
< Wider Select the element surrounding this element. For example, if you have selected a table cell, pressing< will select the row. > Narrower Select the first element inside this element.
+ Next Select the next sibling element. - Previous Select the previous sibling element.
Ctl-S Save Save the script.      
User Commands
Cut Delete the selected element I Isolate Delete everything surrounding the selected element
Ctl-V Paste Insert the last deleted element C Center Center the selected element
E Erase Erase the element without removing it. B Black on white Set to black text on white background
V View Source Shows the HTML for the element in another window. R Relax Removes any fixed size and positioning from the element.
Advanced Commands
S Style Set the style attributes of an element. M Modify HTML Modify an element's HTML using a regular expression.
U Modify URL Change a URL (or all URLs) using a regular expression. H Insert HTML Insert arbitrary HTML.

The platypus project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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